Religion Classes for Catholic children attending non-catholic schools

Religion Classes for 2024/25
As one school year comes to an end, we are all beginning to prepare for all that concerns next year already. A number of factors are now required to ensure the best Religious Education provision for your child/ren and are as follows:

All children will participate in Religious Education classes from First Class to Sixth class if the intention is to present them for the Sacraments of First Holy Communion and Confirmation.

Weekly one-hour classes will be provided face to face in a location organised by the parishes, which will be either Scoil Áine, located beside St. Patrick’s Church in Esker, OR Divine Mercy Senior School, Grifeen Avenue, Balgaddy.
You may choose the location which suits your timetable.

In order to comply with Child safeguarging regulations, It will be necessary that two volunteer parents, who will be vetted for the Archdiocese, be present at the class
location for the duration of class times (two parents for the location, not per class level). If more than two parents volunteer, a roster could be organised.

Parents will make online payment for the classes and the Grow in Love text book in advance of classes commencing. This payment can be made in two halves, the First on Registration and the second in January 2025. The parish will pay the appointed teachers and pay rent for facilities from payments received from parents.
Choice of day and venue for classes:
The Religious Education classes in our parish will take place in Scoil Áine, Esker on Wednesdays at 4 pm and in Divine Mercy Senior School, Lucan South on Thursday afternoons at 4pm starting on 19 September 2024. Parents are free to choose as is suitable for their schedule.

Registering/Enrolling in the classes
If you wish to enrol your child/ren children in after school Religious Education you may do so via the St. Mary’s parish website, this applies also to St. Patrick’s. The period for registration will end on 31 July as it will be necessary to have final numbers in order to organise the classes and teachers.