I Will Sing a Joyful Song Unto the Lord

St Mary’s Chorale is not just a choir; it is the coming together of 50 people each Wednesday night. People who come out in frost and cold, people who record football matches rather than miss rehearsal, people of all ages from Lucan and West Dublin who have a passion for singing good music well. Every Wednesday night the 5 part harmonies echo around the old stone walls wakening old ghosts and filling the shadows with the light of beautiful melodies. Out in front stands a very loved and talented Musical Director, Eithne Donnelly, whose charm and good humour would get the tetchiest tenor singing out proud and strong. Once a month the Chorale leads the congregation in song for Mass at 11 am and the united voices float up into the cavernous ceiling of the Church.

The Musical Director is Eithne Donnelly.

For information please contact:
Bernie Martin 
Phone: 087-2240606