Baptism at St. Mary's

FontSt. Mary's has over 160 Baptisms a year and for that reason, we celebrate the Sacrament every week.

On the first and last Saturdays of the month the Sacrament is celebrated at 11.00 am and on the Sundays in between at 13.15 pm 

Advance booking of at least two weeks is required and this can be made at the Sacristy or you can request a date by using the online form below.
Please note however this form does not constitute a booking, and no further arrangements should be made until it is confirmed by us.

We have a group known as the Baptism Faith friends and they visit each family at home in the week coming up to the celebration. They also assist on Baptism Day. They will make contact with you in the coming days.

Non-residents of the parish are obliged to obtain a letter from their parish of residence requesting St. Marys to facilitate the ceremony.

Baby Caleb


Baptism Enquiry Form