Parish Gathering 2019


In the Parish Blog of 15 February, there is an update on the preparations for the Parish Gathering 2019.  

One of the initiatives is to canvass as many parishioners as possible.

We live in challenging times where the cultural context in which the church exists is seismically changing, we need to pray, plan and face the challenge as a faith filled people-together!   

We have posted a one-page Questionnaire on the parish website [link] and we would encourage you to let us have your views. 

All comments will be considered in structuring the actual Gathering itself.

Week 3 – Preparing for the Parish Gathering 2019 …

  • The Small Group meetings, in a number of homes in the parish, continue this week.  Please keep them in your prayers – even a short prayer like, Come, Holy Spirit, can make a difference.
  • Some families are willing to extend the invitation to their homes to parishioners who are not close neighbours but would like to attend one of the Small Groups. If you would like to participate, please 
  1. drop your contact details into the Sacristy or
  2. e-mail us at 

        and we will get back to you.