A Prayer to Our Lady of Protection


The Icon of Our Lady of Protection was written by a Parishioner of St.Marys and donated
to the Church, It now hangs in the body of the Church.

O Mary, Mother of God,
brighter than all the stars in heaven
gentler than the gentlest breeze.

Look kindly upon your children here on earth
who are in the grip of a virus
bringing sickness and death
sadness and hopelessness.

We kneel before you in calm despair
Praying for your tender mercy
and protection of your most holy veil.

We implore your intercession
for those who are sick and dying
and those who are alone at this time.

We fervently beseech you
to spread your holy cloak of protection
over every country and corner of our planet
to bring health and wellness
and an end to fear and despair.

Most holy and blessed virgin
by the power of your holy cloak of protection
deliver us we pray.