A word of thanks!

On Tuesday night last St. Mary’s hosted a choral concert in aid of displaced people within Ukraine. A visiting Choir from Davenport, Iowa in the USA gave us a splendid evening of beautiful pieces to a very high standard. Tuesday was one of those super-muggy evenings with soaring temperatures, and I really feared that nobody would venture to the concert. However my fears were in vain and a very respectable crowd turned out for the event. In total, the event raised just over €5,000 and was a resounding success. The money raised has already been sent to the Bishop of the Diocese of Chernivtsi in Ukraine, and will be used to feed people impoverished by the appalling war. Thank you to everyone who supported.
The people of Lucan are generous as ever.

Building hope

Some weeks ago St. Mary’s Parish held their consultation as part of the Diocesan initiative ‘Building hope’ This initiative is an opportunity for every parishioner to express a view on current realities in our parishes, and to be part of a process to meet the challenges of the rapidly changing church scene in our parishes.

Calling all St. Patrick’s Parishioners

St. Patrick’s Parish are currently conducting their consultation.
You are invited to share your thoughts and views on a number of questions about parish life (e.g. faith, servant leadership, social justice etc.) in the survey. In each case you are asked to comment on which areas work well and which ones are in need of further development.

There is one question at the end asking you to nominate up to 5 parishes which you think it would make sense for St. Patrick’s parish to partner with.

There are a total of nine questions to respond to. To take part in the survey:

1. Scan the QR code below on the camera of your smart phone. The code will take you straight to the survey.

• Go to www.menti.com
• Enter the code 6603792.
• You are now in the survey and can enter your responses.

The survey will remain open until 3 August 2022.
Please take part – Your parish needs your participation!

Philip Curran
Parish Priest of the Parishes of St. Mary’s and St. Patrick’s

July 22, 2022 - 10:02pm

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