Winding down, how are ya……

SchooloutIt’s that time of year when our parish primary schools are preparing to shut up shop for a well-deserved Summer break. Any casual visitor to the schools during these days expecting to see a winding down in operation will be greatly surprised and disappointed. These weeks tend to be something of the ‘storm before the calm’ – to juxtapose the old adage. All kinds of things have to be attended to and the planning process for the next school year is already well in hand. 

We will say goodbye to the children who have quite literally grown up in the school for the past eight years and prepare to welcome the new intake of Junior Infants through the doors in September. Like the seasons, the school has a life cycle of its own, one which repeats itself each year from new beginnings to graduation. It’s a process that involves many people working in tandem to ensure that all runs smoothly and efficiently. School Principals and teachers are the key players of course delivering the all-important front-line educational expertise, but a school community is a co-operative effort of many different players. The Board of Management have the responsibility of ensuring that the Schools operate to the highest standards in every respect, and in that regard, we owe a debt of gratitude to Board members who give of their time and energies in a completely voluntary capacity. The present Boards will end in October and new members must be found to constitute their replacements. A sincere thanks to all who have served for the past four years. 

A relatively recent addition to school life is the role of Special Needs Assistants, these are employed by the school as supports to children with particular needs and they are invaluable in the classrooms. 

The role of School secretary is a key role in any school and our parish schools are well served by the highly efficient incumbents. The parent’s associations form a vital link with the parent body and have proven a great and vital part of the school community. We are blessed in Lucan by fine schools. We wish all involved a pleasant summer break and look forward to welcoming them back with batteries recharged in September. 

Scoil Mhuire Girls 6th Classes will have their graduation Mass on Monday 24th June at 7.30pm. 

St. Mary’s Boys 6th classes will have their graduation Mass on Tuesday June 25th at 7.30pm in St. Mary’s Church. This will be followed by the presentations of tokens and certificates in the church, and then off to the parish centre for more informal moments. 

Fr. Philip Curran

June 14, 2019 - 10:27am

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