The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity has a history of over 100 years , in which Christians around the world have taken part in an octave of prayer for visible Christian unity.

By annually observing the WPCU, from 18 - 25 January, Christians move toward the fulfilment of Jesus' prayer at the Last Supper 'that they all may be one.' (cf. John 17:21)

Texts are published by the Dicastery for Promoting Christian Unity and the World Council of Churches, through the WCC's Commission on Faith and Order.

The theme for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity in 2023 was selected by the Minnesota Council of Churches, USA in the aftermath of the extrajudicial killing of George Floyd and the trial of the police officer responsible for his death. These events brought anguish, but also time for the Christian communities to contemplate ways in which they may be complicit in racial injustice. Christian unity is needed as a source of reconciliation and unity.

The theme, taken from the first chapter of the Book of Isaiah, reflects his concern for the oppressed who suffer from injustice and inequality fed by hypocrisy that leads to disunity. He teaches that God requires righteousness and justice from all of us, to create the peace and unity that God desires. These virtues originate in God's love for all, and racism runs counter to this vision. Isaiah's challenge to do good and seek justice together applies equally to us today.

Here in Lucan, the annual service for Christian unity will this year be hosted by St. Andrew's Church of Ireland on Monday, January 23, at 8 p.m. We extend an invitation to members of all the denominations of Lucan to join together for this time of shared worship. Fr. Ubaldo Muhindo, who is curate in both St. Mary's and St. Patrick's parishes has been invited to preach at the service.

St. Andrews is this year celebrating 200 years since it's construction and we take the opportunity to congratulate Rev.Scott Peoples and his parishioners on this milestone in their history.

Philip Curran
Parish Priest
St. Mary's and St. Patrick's

January 20, 2023 - 11:05pm

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