Ed8may1Russian Television this past week ran a scary animated graphic which shows a nuclear missile launched by the Russians exploding in the sea off the north west coast of Ireland. Complete with commentary by one of Putin’s henchmen, Dmitry Kiselyov it detailed how this 100 megatonne nuclear weapon would trigger a Tsunami of enormous proportions that would effectively destroy what they described as the ‘British Isles’. The consequent radiation would leave a wasteland in its wake that would render the islands uninhabitable for generations. This horrific scenario was carried on the state-owned channel Russia-1 which is the most watched channel in Russia. It seems that Putin didn’t appreciate Boris Johnston’s utterances on their invasion of Ukraine and this response was intended to intimidate and frighten. For many of us it had the desired effect!

The threat of a nuclear war is a truly horrendous prospect and would unleash a tit-for-tat exchange of missiles that would potentially destroy our planet. In such a nightmare scenario there would be no winners.

Given the horrors we have seen unleashed on the innocents of Mariupol and other Ukrainian towns, it comes as no surprise that the threats extend beyond Ukraine’s borders to all of Europe and beyond. The tactic of bullies is always to threaten and intimidate.

The position of the Russian Orthodox church on the conflict is a cause of great disappointment and the many calls for them to be expelled from the world council of churches are gaining momentum. There can be no justification by any church for the aggression of Russia towards the innocent.Ed8may2

Two of our Lucan parishes have welcomed Ukrainian families fleeing from the conflict, and they have found refuge from the horror that they have left behind. We should welcome these people with open arms and offer them a place of safety until the horror in their homeland has ended.

We pray that what we are seeing in Ukraine will come to an early end. May peace prevail.

Philip Curran
St. Mary’s Lucan

May 6, 2022 - 11:46pm

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