The Twilight Zone………

Mar292020When I was a child one of my favourite TV programmes was ‘The Twilight Zone’. It was a series of stand-alone episodes introduced by Rod Serling where people found themselves in unreal and unusual situations and where things could, and frequently did, take a funny turn. The atmosphere of the Twilight Zone was surreal where nothing was quite as it seemed.

The present Covid-19 crisis brought ‘The Twilight Zone’ to the forefront of my mind. Watching Tv coverage of empty streets in London, Rome, Milan, Paris; strolling through Lucan Village last evening the usually coveted parking spaces in front of the shops were almost empty, businesses closed and an eerie absence of people on the streets, it truly has a surreal air about it.

These are the strangest of times and the consequences will be felt by all of us for many years to come. Fear is in the air. The implications for those who have lost their jobs are serious and far reaching, and we find ourselves facing an uncertain future. We were just emerging from the financial disaster following the collapse of the banks and subsequent bail out, and now we find ourselves plunged once again into a situation beyond our control.

Whatever our politics I think we must acknowledge fulsomely the fine response of our caretaker Government, they have taken clear and decisive action and provided sound leadership at a time when we desperately need it.

The medical personnel dealing with the crisis have distinguished themselves to an extraordinary degree, and we will owe a great debt of gratitude to the front liners caring for those seriously affected by this modern-day plague. There are many instances of the crisis bringing out the best in people willing to come to the aid of others.

I chatted the other evening with Richard Houston the Minister at Lucan Presbyterian Church and was relieved that he shares my sense of being helpless in the face of the present situation. At a time when our every pastoral instinct is to be close to people, we are urged to keep our distance. The housebound who normally are among our priorities might be endangered by our visits. Please be assured that you are in our prayers every day.

Our Christian faith is founded on our HOPE in Christ Jesus, and our belief is that he is truly our Shepherd who guides, leads and protects. He is the one who can lead us out of darkness into light. We must turn to him at this uncertain time and invoke his protection and blessing, O God, come to our aid. O Lord, make haste to help us.

Philip Curran,

St. Mary’s Lucan

March 26, 2020 - 8:40pm

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