This is one of the two banners stolen from the billboards in the grounds of St. Mary’s Church at 00.17 on Sunday morning last. 

It seems that its message must have greatly disturbed the man and woman caught on CCTV removing them. Like the furtive thieves they are, they are clearly seen ducking and diving when the headlights of passing cars were approaching. Strange that those calling for a liberal open and inclusive Ireland would seek to deny a voice to those of us who believe in the protection of the unborn. It seems those who disagree are not to be included in their brave new world. The CCTV video has now been passed to the Gardaí, and by the time you read this the banners will have been replaced. Neither banner is of a political nature nor do they urge people to vote either way. The banners are no more than an exercise in religious freedom – the freedom to state clearly the teaching of our church. How people will vote is a matter for their conscience. 

We have re-enforced our security measures and for the next several weeks the CCTV will be monitored remotely 24hrs, by a security company with a direct line to the Gardaí

We would like to acknowledge the messages of support from Rev. Richard Heuston, Minister at Lucan Presbyterian Church, and also from Rev. Trevor Morrow, Minister Emeritus of Lucan and former Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland. Such gestures of solidarity are greatly encouraging and much appreciated. We are united in prayer. 

We would also like to express sincere thanks to the anonymous parishioner who sponsored the banners and who has also paid for their replacement. 

Recognise the thieves? We have posted the video clip of the theft on our parish website on the off chance that someone might be able to identify the culprits. 

Go to and select the front page link to the video. If you are able to put a name to the faces please call the Gardaí at Lucan Garda Station (01) 666 7300 It would be gratifying to see such cowardly people brought to justice.


Fr. Philip Curran

May 11, 2018 - 12:35pm

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