C268ef6c 1d5c 4977 8b80 58fc7ea67018How quickly the year has flown, and Christmas is just around the corner again.
For the St Vincent De Paul, here in Lucan, as the Christmas season draws near, we receive many additional requests for help and support to make Christmas a happy time for families, particularly for the children. Most children only see the magic of Christmas, Thank God, and not the stress and worry that is can give parents to ensure their children enjoy the festive season.
Today, throughout Ireland and in our parish of Lucan, the increased cost of living with rising energy and food prices is putting a lot of pressure on families. Far too many people are being forced to make impossible decisions regarding food or heat. In talking about families, we do not want to give the impression that we only offer support to families, far from it, the SVP help and support anybody who contact us.
We, the SVP, rely on your generosity to achieve this goal. We would like to thank those who have contributed to our funds throughout the year. With your continued support we will endeavour to offer support to people in Lucan who need a helping hand.
This year, the National Christmas Appeal for the St Vincent De Paul takes place at all Masses this weekend 10th/11th of December.
We thank you for whatever support you can give us today and as always donations can also be left at the Sacristy.
We wish you and your families God’s blessings, peace, and good health this Christmas and always.
St Vincent De Paul


December 10, 2022 - 5:03am

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