SvpWho would believe that another Christmas is upon us with many Covid restrictions still in place?
For SVP, this means still no house visits, still no opportunities to have a chat and offer words of encouragement to our clients, still sending out much needed vouchers by post.

Regardless of restrictions, Christmas, as always, brings stress to families in many, different ways, not least ensuring that there is food on the table. As the season approaches, we receive many additional requests for help to make Christmas a happy time for families, particularly for the children. We rely on your generosity to achieve this goal.

Without our monthly collections at Mass, our funds are very much reduced. We thank those of you who have continued to contribute during the past year by leaving donations in the Sacristy, or by contributing online.

This year, the national Christmas appeal takes place at all Masses this weekend, 11th/12th of December.

Since not everyone will be at Mass as normal, donations can also be left at the Sacristy at any stage.

We wish you and your families God's blessings, peace and good health this Christmas and always.

St. Vincent de Paul,



The Tap & Go System at St. Mary's Church is not to be used for special collections, eg St. Vincent de Paul. This collection will take place in the Church itself.


December 11, 2021 - 9:41am

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