St. Joseph’s No Limits heading for South Africa!

No Limits are a group of three 5th Year students from St Joseph’s College who feel very strongly about the issue of representation in children's literature. Aoife Dardis, Katie Grogan and Caoimhe Currie know from personal experience of relatives with disabilities and special needs that they don't have a voice in children's stories. No Limits have written three books featuring main characters with disabilities and special needs: 'Wonder Wheels', 'Anna's Amazing Aura' and 'A Royal Rescue'. In each story the main character uses their knowledge of their disability or special need to save the day! 

No Limits would like to make children’s literature more inclusive and believe that seeing characters with disabilities and special needs in books from a young age would be a great way to show children with disabilities and special needs that they are just as important and able as everyone else.


No Limits winning the Silver Award at the Young Social Innovators Showcase in 2017

Aoife, Katie & Caoimhe have recently been chosen to be one of two groups representing Ireland in an international competition in South Africa, competing with other youth-run businesses from around the world. SAGE World Cup Competition will see the girls present their innovative product in front of forty judges – no easy task! No Limits will continue to write more stories and increase the accessibility of their books. The girls recently recorded audiobooks of their three titles and now hope to make them available in braille. Translations of the fairy tales into Irish and French will also take place this year! 

No Limits will be holding Church Gate collections at St. Mary’s Church this Saturday Evening, 21st July and on Sunday, 22nd July at the 08.45, 09.45, 11.00, 12.15 and evening Masses to raise funds for the trip. The girls would be extremely grateful for any support they receive! For any further information on how to access the books and the trip, do check them out on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram on nolimitsbooks, or contact at

July 19, 2018 - 8:10pm

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