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PopPope Francis has established a new 'Sunday of God's Word' to be celebrated on the 3rd Sunday in Ordinary time each year. This year that falls on Sunday 26th January. The Scriptures form part of our every celebration of the Eucharist and like all things that we do repeatedly we can so easily treat it routinely and miss its tremendous power; while in this case familiarity may not breed contempt it can cause us to hear while missing the wonder and power of what we hear. This new day for God's word invites us to celebrate how central the scriptures are to our lives as Christians. One of the great scholars of scripture, St. Jerome, writing almost 1600 years ago went so far as to say that 'Ignorance of scripture, is ignorance of Christ.' Pope Francis is hopeful that our new annual celebration will help us to remember how precious God's word truly is and that it will encourage us to appreciate that fact.

It is probably true to say that Christians of the reformed churches have promoted the study and reading of the Scriptures to a far greater degree that the Roman Catholic tradition has in the past. However, since the second Vatican Council the church actively promotes and encourages the reading and study of the Word.

As a response to the new 'Sunday of the Word' we propose to set up in the parish small groups that will come together on a weekly basis for about 40 minutes to look at and pray with the scriptures for the following Sunday. This is a guided prayer approach that affords the Holy Spirit an opportunity to lead people in the knowledge and love of the God who reveals himself in his living Word.

Volunteers needed ....
For these groups to become a reality several things need to happen. Firstly we need people willing to facilitate such small groups. To lead the discussion and guide the prayer. We are not looking for Scripture scholars (although if there are some about they are welcome) since the materials to run the group will be made available in advance each week. Secondly we need host homes, people willing to invite 8 or 10 people to the weekly session in their living room.

Training Evening 

There will also be an evening of training for facilitators where the process will be explained and modelled for those who volunteer. This will take place in Clonliffe College, Drumcondra on Wednesday next 29th January from 7.30pm - 9.30pm. If you would be interested in going along ... without obligation ... just leave your name and contact details at St. Mary's Sacristy.

Those willing to host a meeting in their homes are invited to sign up on a separate list in the Sacristy.

Philip Curran,
St. Mary's Lucan

January 24, 2020 - 3:40pm

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