ButtercupThe image shows children running through a buttercup meadow – a natural playground, or is it? The scene is in one of our parklands where wild flowers and grasses have been planted giving us a taste of what life was like in Lucan a couple of generations back. 

Many of us enjoyed a childhood of running through the fields, that are now housing estates – such is progress!!! 

But isn’t it sad to think what the collective “we” have done in our time on this earth. 

There was a time when the term “Climate Change” was very far removed from us ordinary people, but now we find it is in our faces, and “we” unwittingly have played our part. Suddenly, we’re all sitting up and taking notice – the Bloom gardens this year focused heavily on climate change, on both land and sea, we saw wildflower gardens, and pollution from our coasts. Pollination is big on the agenda now when it comes to our planting. The UCD garden showed how our diet has changed over the centuries. Not that we want to go back to nettles and the likes, but we do need to take stock of what we are consuming these days. 

Who remembers bringing back mineral bottles to the shops for a penny, or leaving out empty milk bottles for the milkman; pre-plastic days when your lunch was wrapped in paper, within a paper bag; terry nappies; food not wanted was placed in a pot to be collected for feeding pigs – ‘slop’ was the term we had for it – yes, this was in Lucan! 

Bad planning all over the country has played an immense part; our transport system leaves a lot to be desired. I could go on, but the straw that broke the camel’s back is the latest ESB Leaks scandal, where thousands of litres of oil have been leaking into the ground in certain areas for the past twenty years………. 

When the grandchildren ask “What have you done in your lifetime?”, how will be answer them? 


June 6, 2019 - 8:11pm

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