All of the major World religions now actively support efforts to combat climate change. We are told that the planet is a God given gift and we have a moral duty to preserve it for future generations. It would be wrong to suggest that we live in a heavily littered area but most would agree that there is a constant low level of littering that is a danger to wild life and makes the area look unsettled or unsafe.

People here often have preferred walks and on one of mine recently I came across a large amount of what is called fly tipping. Incensed I returned, collected the trash and found that I had to pay to dispose of it - this was probably the perpetrators aim. On another occasion I witnessed an elderly man, challenge teenagers who threw plastic bottles on the path - I felt that he was lucky others came to his aid.

Two years ago, in a poor East European country I saw massive littering despite the place having beautiful mountains and an undisturbed coastline. Development and investment just won't occur without a massive clean-up and I am not just suggesting that this should be done for Tourism, it has health benefits also. Other poor East European countries would shame us all with their level of cleanliness, lack of Graffiti and availability of bins despite limited resources.

Voluntary groups in Lucan do major cleaning but we do need to follow the example of better kept places that have regular litter bins and regular collection, even on country and parkland paths. I really wonder do we suffer from being peripheral in two Dublin County areas. Did we need three Councils in Dublin?

Politicians, to me anyway, were involved in quite an immoral campaign to stop water charges and this has contributed to a "somebody else must do it' attitude.

It is interesting that a most major contributor to stopping smoking was the pressure of Grandchildren on adult smokers. The schools had reliably informed them of its dangers and they carried the message home, especially to reluctant Grandparents. The schools cannot do everything but we all could help make our area pristine and liveable in if we become environmentally aware. Many of us would contribute to purchasing bins but they will need regular collection.

We live in a beautiful village on a beautiful river valley. We should keep it for our descendants as well as ourselves - it is our God given duty.

Tony Feeney

January 2, 2020 - 4:00pm

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