Some thirteen years ago in 2006, a chance meeting between two men in a hilly village 30 kilometres from Kathmandu, was to be a moment of fate for them both. Lucan native Fachtna ‘Doc’ Clandillon, then 28, and Nepali citizen Dhurba ‘Baba’ Bhujel, then 38, met in Nagarkot and shared a few days in each other’s company. It could have been like so many other chance meetings between strangers, fun, but short-lived. 

Instead, more than twelve years on, these two ‘brothers’ have worked together, lived together, shared good and bad times, but essentially remained the best of friends. This relationship has been the basis of what Nagarhope stands for, and so many others have also made up the jigsaw of how this organisation came into being and has evolved over the years. 

Nagarhope has grown over the years, from simple beginnings when assisting just two children’s education until now when Nagarhope has assisted more than 300 children’s education in various ways. The initial two children have grown up, one is a teacher in Nagarhope’s own school, the other is currently studying Pharmacy in a teaching hospital in Bhaktapur.


Nagarhope’s main focus over the years has been education and with the establishment of their own pre-school in 2014, their work and focus has been concentrated more so on improving facilities, surroundings, education methods and attitude towards running a school. A big part of improving is actually ‘providing’ in the first place, providing quality education, be it theoretical, physical, sensorial or whatever methods. 

This year in St. Mary’s we designated the Christmas crib offering box for Nagarhope and have been able to donate €3,200 toward their work thanks to the generosity of parishioners. 

If you missed out on contributing to the support of this deserving charity Nagarhope have a web site where you will find details about their work as well as a facility to donate in various ways. Nagarhope Ireland is a registered charity. 

(Much of this piece was taken from the Nagarhope web site) 

Fr. Philip Curran

January 24, 2019 - 10:31pm

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