The Mill on the Griffeen


Today, the ruins of the above 18th century water mill are visible on the Lock / Adamstown Road, between Moat Hill and Vesey Park. Believed to have been a Cotton Mill, it appears to have been fed from a stream running from the ridge above it, and then flowing into the Griffeen, which looks to have been a substantial stream. If the overgrowth was removed, the outline of the stonework in the above picture could still be seen. 

Before the Lock Road was built (late 1700s), access to this mill was gained via Primrose Lane, where there are still two millers’ cottages dating from 1740. 

This painting is by William Ashford, who was a friend of architect, James Gandon, who incidentally owned the land of this area. The image is taken from a catalogue as the original painting was purchased by a private collector back in 1997, for the sum of 58,000 punts. 



July 6, 2018 - 11:14am

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