A Lucan Springtime Reflection

The beautiful early spring days have shown us how lovely and peaceful our community in Lucan is.


The flowers and plants are budding and the trees majestic, especially along by the river. Of note is how people stop, talk and discuss which, is the real flowering of our community. 

On the other hand, our TV screens show the mayhem and awfulness that some of our fellow people live through on this endangered planet with exclusion, hatred and indifference widespread in some of the more powerful nations. 

For those of us who grew up in the heady optimistic days of the 1960s with the flowering then of honest questioning and the urge for a better world it is almost unbelievable that the evil spirit of an awful past seems to stalk the planet again. 

At a funeral in Lucan some years ago a Northern man of Unionist background was overheard praising the village of Lucan and its surrounds - "I never heard of this place Lucan but it looks like the kind of place I would just love to live in" he said. 

We have a peaceful yet beautiful village and surround; great walks with the countryside near. We have active churches of all denominations working in the closest harmony and we have of course our charities that are denomination blind in their giving as it should be. 

Many came to Lucan and became avid Lucanians and love the area where their families grew up in. In a troubled World we would do well to thank the Lord that we live in such an idyll and we should strive to help the outside world, as so many from our village do, through their charities and their hard-working agencies. 

Many among us are suffering and in pain but the onus is on us Christians to strive to do our small part to help those at home and away. 

At the renewal of Spring we can allow ourselves a few moments of happiness and thanksgiving that we live in such a home. 

T. F.

March 1, 2019 - 3:50pm

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