MayMay is here, and it’s a time that evokes memories in all of the older generations – our First Holy Communions, the May Altar when we gathered cowslips, primroses, bluebells and lilacs on our way to school – the sweet scents wafting through the chalk dust classrooms for the remainder of the day…….. We would shortly devoid ourselves of the woolly jumpers and sensible winter footwear, looking forward to bright summer colours and new Clark’s sandals. My mother made the annual trip to Dublin to fetch the latter – without her children, and the sizes were always perfect. I’ve always lived in Lucan, but in those days, you went to ‘Dublin’ as opposed to ‘town’! While I’m longing to smell the lilacs this month, something else is troubling me very much. As a small child, I recall both of my Grandmothers use the phrase – ‘It’s in God’s hands’! It was an answer to anything they couldn’t quite understand nor could do anything about. Both had suffered tragedies, losing children at young ages, but there didn’t appear to be any resentment towards God. They had a spirituality that was deeper than any religion – a wonderful ability to overcome things. I feel that if they had never heard of St. Patrick or the Catholic Church, that great spirituality would still have been there. It must have been of such comfort to them. I sense that things are being taken out of’ God’s hands’ at the moment. I resent being asked to vote between life and death, but I will vote. We need to be very careful – many people have been hurt badly by events in the Catholic Church here in Ireland, but we need to differentiate between these things and what this upcoming referendum is about. I can’t help wondering if it would be better for things be left in ‘God’s hands’! Enjoy the lilacs! Mary Mulhall

May 4, 2018 - 12:00pm

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