Ed1What a beautiful place we live in - even more appreciated in times like these when so much of the world is suffering.

The river Liffey flows gently on its journey from west Wicklow, through the lush Kildare countryside, heading majestically through the protected Liffey Valley towards the busy city quays before emptying itself into the Irish Sea.

In Lucan Demesne, generations have enjoyed the abundance of wild flowers that carpet the parkland, and been enchanted by the birdsong and the tantalising glimpse of heron and otter and, if you're lucky, the flash of a kingfisher.

In earlier times the lower part of the river, saw rowing boats moving gently through the clear water. Nowadays canoeists plunge through the sluice gate, navigating the weirs with dextrous use of paddles. (Give me a little rowing boat any day!)

In these times many families are enjoying visits to Lucan Demesne, the small ones taking in the ducks and fairy trees, as well as the playground features, while leisurely walkers can appreciate the natural beauty of it all, no matter what time of day.

It really is something very special, so let's all make sure that when we visit, we leave it as we found it!

Mary Mulhall

June 26, 2020 - 9:11am

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