Ed30may1It's been great this past two Sundays to welcome people back to church even if it is in very limited numbers. Thanks to our dedicated stewards we have been able to accommodate 69 people at each of our six week-end Masses in St. Mary's, a total of 419 people. Admittance is on a first-come-first-served basis. (Most Masses have had the full 69 in attendance but the 6:45pm Saturday Vigil Mass has had some places for the past two weeks.) In pre-Covid times we had over 1800 people at week-end Masses so the present arrangement is hardly an ideal scenario, but it is an improvement on an empty church. Hopefully as vaccine roll out progresses numbers can increase gradually.

Visits to the housebound
Ed30may2We have been unable to make our usual first-Friday communion calls to the sick and housebound for some months now, but thankfully this too is about to change. If the housebound person has been fully vaccinated and at least two weeks have elapsed since the second dose, either Fr. Tom or myself and/or any ministers of the Eucharist who are also fully vaccinated can call once again. As a precaution we will wear face coverings and ask those to whom we are calling to do the same.

We propose to recommence visits on the First Friday June 4th. If you were on the house call list prior to the pandemic you will automatically receive a visit. If you are housebound and are not already on the list you can call Deirdre at the parish office (621 7041) and leave your details, we will be happy to call on a monthly basis.

People resident in the other Lucan Parishes should contact their respective parish office:
St. Patrick's Esker - Tel: (01) 628 1018
Divine Mercy - Lucan South. - Tel: 01 4572900
While things are improving it is important that we remain vigilant and cautious. If we make too free too soon the spectre of another wave of this wretched virus might rear its ugly head. The past 15 months have been difficult for all of us and the progress we have made has been hard won, it would be tragic if that progress was undone by throwing caution to the winds.

So, for the foreseeable it's facemasks all round, keeping the required 2 metre distance, washing the hands at every opportunity and avoiding gatherings of mixed households.

Philip Curran
St. Mary's Lucan

May 29, 2021 - 12:56pm

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