Having dodged the wretched Covid-19 virus for the past two and a half years, Saturday last produced the dreaded two red lines on the antigen test strip. Beyond what began as a bout of Laryngitis and a woozy head, I developed a chronic tiredness which meant that even a few minutes in the armchair guaranteed nodding off.

Thankfully the symptoms are almost gone and normality has just about returned. The double red line, which appeared on only one occasion, has disappeared. The few days enforced isolation just happened to coincide with the best days of the year so far, but that Murphy’s Law in action I suppose. At least in my case Covid came calling at a time when I had all available vaccinations and boosters, I had every chance of resistance available. Some people were not so fortunate, and my few days of isolation brought many of those people to mind; I used some of the time to remember and to pray for them, and for those who still sorely miss them. So many went from us so quickly and so quietly. R.I.P.

Time on my hands also gave me an opportunity to call the people of Ukraine to mind. While the media coverage has declined, the daily onslaught of the Russians continues and the terror that fear instils must be an awful reality to bear. The uncertainty of a life where at any moment a missile can shatter everything, is too horrible to contemplate. The danger is that we become inured to the sight of bombed out apartment blocks on our screens and they merge with the background that TV has become in our homes while we hardly notice.


Tuesday night next is an opportunity to help in a practical way. Come along and join in for a good cause.

Philip Curran
St. Mary’s Lucan



July 15, 2022 - 8:03pm

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