Ed15may1One of the many things that Lucanians can be proud of is the fact that Lucan was the birthplace of Pieta House. Each year Pieta’s profile is brought into sharp focus by the annual Darkness into light walk that has become an established feature of the calendar, not just here in Ireland, but in many places beyond our shores. The tragedy of suicide is something that touches families and individuals in a deeply devastating way, and perhaps that accounts for the resonance that the Darkness into light walk creates in so many people. Pain and grief channelled into positive action for the good of others is a powerful force that generate an incredible momentum for good, and the money raised, not to mention that good will generated, has gone a long way to ease the pain and grief of others.

In my own family we suffered the loss of my dear nephew through suicide some 10 years ago, and I know first-hand the grief and sadness that comes in its wake. Each year his parents and siblings take part in the walk, it’s a positive expression of a heart ache that will never go away expressed in an action that will contribute towards easing the pain of others.

Ed15may2Joan Freeman, the founder of Pieta House has written a new book entitled ‘Darkness into Light. A Nation’s Response’. The book is a lovely reflection on the origins of this annual event and on what it means to people today. To date over 29 million euro has been raised for the cause of suicide prevention though what began with one woman and has since become such a power house for good. What began in 2009 as a walk in the Phoenix Park with 400 people has grown now to some 200,000 participants in 16 countries across 5 continents. The book is an ‘homage’ to the many volunteers and Pieta staff whose efforts have seen the spread of this annual event all over Ireland and beyond.

‘This is the story of how love brought light out of the darkness.
It is for us all.’
(Dr Harry Barry, GP and bestselling author)

‘Intimate, honest, and a beautiful chronicle of the genesis of what is now one of Ireland – and the world’s – most important charity events.’
(Joe Houghton, former chairperson of Pieta House)

‘Darkness into Light. A Nation’s Response’ published by Veritas Publications is available in bookstores price €16.99

Philip Curran
St. Mary’s Lucan

May 13, 2022 - 10:53pm

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