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EdnetA few weeks back I received an email from a lady in Victoria, British Columbia in Canada. She wrote to thank St. Mary’s for providing the Mass that she regularly tunes in to on the Internet and had complimentary things to say about our readers and musicians to boot. It did occur to me that she must be an insomniac since we’re nine hours ahead of them, and she must be viewing in the middle of the night! 
But perhaps the sermons help her doze off! 

I t’s not the first such message ‘from beyond’ that we’ve received. We have had family members able to be part of funerals, baptisms and weddings from faraway places, thanks to the miracle of modern science, and many of them have taken the time to express their gratitude through an email. Increasingly we get requests for certificates, bookings for Baptisms and Weddings submitted through the Parish Website. We recently added a prayer request facility and this has proven quite popular with many people submitting prayer intentions. Clearly modern technology can be of great benefit to the work of the church. The sick and housebound can also tune in to Mass from home on Smartphone, Ipads, Tablets or PC’s, all you need is broadband access.

PEdnet2 erhaps there is an elderly neighbour who is housebound and is not very tech savvy with no broadband access who would be thrilled to be able to watch the Mass from home. Why not loan them an IPad or Laptop on Sunday’s and allow them to use your wifi connection for an hour, it won’t cost and could make a world of difference. I don’t think most neighbours would object to allowing sharing of their wifi in such a good cause. 

B oth St. Patrick’s and St. Mary’s have recently added an online donation facility where parishioners can donate to the support of the parish using their debit or credit card. 
Do drop in and have a look around the websites of the Lucan Parishes and feel free to email any suggestions. 

St. Mary’s Lucan
St. Patrick’s, Esker
Divine Mercy, Lucan South:

Fr. Philip Curran


November 23, 2018 - 11:36am

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