Ed5junMany of you will have seen the clerical changes in the three Lucan parishes which were published in last week’s newsletter. Fr. Tom Kennedy who has served in St. Mary’s for the past fifteen years will leave us in early August to take up his appointment as parish priest of Castledermot, County Kildare. Fr. Tom has endeared himself to all during these years, and his thoughtful gentle presence will be greatly missed. On a personal note I have worked with Fr. Tom for the past eight years and it has been an absolute pleasure. I will be sorry to see him leave us.

Fr Ubaldo Muhindo who presently serves in Divine Mercy in Lucan South will move to St. Mary’s with an appointment as curate in St. Marys and in St. Patricks. Fr. John Hassett has for health reasons, stepped down from his post as Co-PP in St. Patricks. Fr. John will continue to reside in Adamstown and we hope will return to some public duties when his health permits. He has made an enormous contribution to St. Patrick’s parish and indeed to the whole Lucan pastoral scene in the years he served as Moderator of the three parishes. Please remember to pray for his recovery.

From July 10th I will become parish priest here in St. Marys and also in St. Patricks. The office of Moderator in the Lucan grouping has been discontinued. The falling number of priests in Dublin has meant that several priests have been asked to take responsibility for two parishes; this move is born of sheer necessity as there is simply no one to fill vacant parishes. We are blessed to have the services of two student priests in Lucan Fr. Samuel Akubueni and Fr. Pius Faruna. Both men are diocesan priests from Nigeria and have been a Godsend in serving the needs of the parishes.

Father Aidan Kieran, who is presently Parish Priest of Castledermot has been appointed parish priest of Divine Mercy, Lucan South, and we look forward to welcoming him to the Lucan grouping. Both his appointment, and that of Fr. Tom Kennedy will become effective on August 8th.

Our parish pastoral worker Christopher Okereke has also been reassigned by the diocese and he will leave us to take up a new appointment in the Finglas grouping of parishes. Christopher has done a superb job in these past seven years. At times I wondered how he managed to juggle the demands of three parishes with all the complexities of the 18 primary schools he dealt with, he did so in an effective and thorough way and we will sorely miss him.

These changes will inevitability mean us taking a long hard look at every aspect of our parishes in Lucan, and engaging in a dialogue together, which will help us to meet the challenge of the future while maximising all our resources. Each parish has been individually responding to the ‘Building Hope’ process initiated by Archbishop Farrell; in the coming months we will hopefully begin ‘Building hope’ together.

Let’s invoke the Holy Spirit – on this Pentecost weekend – to guide and lead us forward. Come Holy Spirit.

Philip Curran
St. Mary’s Lucan

June 4, 2022 - 6:23am

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