“Be not just hearers of the word only, but doers!” James 1:22

BalloonSome months ago, St. Mary’s Parish Lucan held an open meeting of parishioners to plan for a proposed Parish Synod or Assembly; while it was reasonably well attended it failed to attract any significant number of new faces. The evening was nonetheless a fruitful one at which priorities for taking the process of parish renewal and development were identified. The Pastoral Council have sifted through the various responses and have identified key areas and priorities that need development. Ideas however need to be implemented and that means people committing themselves to the doing! It would be a great shame if all we end up with are aspirations and goals without the where-with-all to make things happen. Hot air may get balloons off the ground but in a parish, nothing gets off the ground without the commitment of people. St. Mary’s has a long and rich tradition of parishioners who make things happen by their generous commitment and we want to capitalise on that tradition by drawing in some new people who may never have been involved to work alongside our present volunteers. 

So, here’s the plan. On each Sunday in September at the 9.45am, 11.00 am and 12.15pm Masses there will be a short presentation on one of the four areas for development that we have prioritised. The purpose of this is to invite those interested to the Parish Centre immediately after the Mass for more information and to register as a prospective volunteer. 

On Sunday Sept 8th we will be focusing on the Liturgy. How do we improve on the quality of our worship at St. Mary’s? How do we make the experience of Mass here as prayerful and uplifting an experience as it can be? How do we develop music ministry? Involve more people as Ministers of the Word and Eucharist etc…

Sunday Sept 15th will focus on young people. How do we engage with our youth? Do we need a parish youth social club of some sort? How do we engage in a meaningful way with the schools of the parish? Do we form people as links to the Confirmation and First Communion Classes? Formation of a Youth choir, etc.. In a parish with so many retired teachers we really are hoping for a good response on this one! 

Sunday Sept 22nd will focus on Developing Adult faith. How do we offer faith development opportunities in the parish, scripture classes, Prayer Groups, courses on theology? Parish retreats? Missions? Etc…… 

Sunday 29th Sept will focus on the formation of a new Parish Pastoral Council. The present Council have completed their term of office and we need to put in place a new council that will work alongside the parish clergy and Pastoral Worker to facilitate ongoing development in the parish. In the centre after the Mass the commitment involved will be spelled out. 

What is clear is that without people to come forward we are back to hot air ballooning territory with a whole lot of ideas and nobody to carry them forward. So we do depend on you to step forward. We look forward to seeing you in the parish centre on one of those Sundays. 

Philip Curran 
St. Mary’s Lucan.


August 25, 2019 - 3:51pm

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