Poet, John Keats brings us a great description of the passing of the seasons in his famous poem, as if every other season was in preparation for Autumn.

Already, we've seen an abundance of fruits, plenty of apples and pears, and in the wild, the blackberries are just waiting to be plucked.

'And still more, later flowers for the bees,
Until they think warm days will never cease'

Indeed, there are still plenty of blooms providing sustenance for the bees and other insects.

The atmospheric mists shrouded us in the past week. The darker evenings are setting in. Thoughts turn to lighting the fire or turning on the heating ....

'The red-breast whistles from a garden-croft;
And gathering swallows twitter in the skies.'

Enjoy the season as it passes - before we bed down for winter!

(Photo from St. Mary's Camera Soiree)

September 10, 2021 - 9:24pm

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