Sunday last saw the first visit of Dublin's new Archbishop to Lucan. Archbishop Dermot Farrell celebrated the 10:30 am Mass on that day in St. Mary's. He is presently getting around the parishes of the Diocese each Sunday. Because of the Pandemic his visits have to be low key and without the ceremonial that usually marks the visit of an Archbishop to his parishes. Unfortunately, he cannot meet many people because of the restrictions.

His installation in the Pro-Cathedral was itself an unusual affair with only a handful of people able to be present because of the public health restrictions, once again the webcam came into its own. At any time, assuming the leadership of a large Diocese is a daunting task, but in the middle of a global pandemic that task is compounded by the strange circumstances we all find ourselves in. The constraints of our times don't seem to have deterred our Archbishop in meeting the challenges facing the church in Dublin, and within weeks he had established a Task Force titled 'Building Hope' to look at the future and to plot a way forward making the best possible use of available resources. The Task Force has been asked to begin with an assessment of the needs of the people of the Archdiocese emerging from Covid-19 and to work to support parish communities to undertake a radical renewal, looking to the future with creativity.

The first job that this group have decided to do is to reach out to parishes and get people's views on certain key issues, especially as we move out of Covid restrictions and focus on renewal in the church. This listening phase is a vital stage in the process that will lead to change and renewal, and it is important that as many people as possible make a contribution of their ideas, suggestions and views. You can read more about it on the Dublin Diocese website, https://dublindiocese.ie/task-force-building-hope/

I would encourage you to go online and complete the questionnaire - and take an interest in the work of this group, as it develops. It is very much in line with what we looked at when we had our own parish synod a few years ago. There is always a benefit from reflection and review and the prospect of renewal at Diocesan level is a welcome and exciting idea.

Philip Curran
St. Mary's Lucan

July 9, 2021 - 9:44pm

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