My twin grandsons started Big School this week, and Goldsmith's account of the Village Schoolmaster could well have been written about one lad. A walking encyclopaedia, he is an authority on everything; the other fellow probably knows as much, but keeps it to himself!
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Joking aside, these are very interesting days for our school children, especially the ones just starting out. Many have the experience of pre-school behind them, and are just itching to get in and hopefully see some of their old friends, and looking forward to meeting their new teachers and new friends. There would appear to be very few tears starting school these days.

These little four and five-year olds starting out in 2020, have experiences that none of us ever had at their age. They know all about the virus, and are very adept at washing or sanitizing their hands. Social distancing may prove a bit harder as it is their nature to run and hug people in all their excitement. They came home from pre-schools on 12th March, and have missed it so much. All of a sudden, they had nowhere to go - not even the playground or supermarket! Nor could they visit their grandparents or friends, or visa versa. Thankfully things improved over time, and a bit of normality came back into their lives.

A big plus of this virus is that our little people are discovering Ireland, just like years ago when few of us could afford to holiday abroad. If only we had the weather - but then, maybe it's the weather that is keeping things from getting too out of hand!

No doubt, there was a little sadness seeing the little people off for their first day, but great joy that it was possible for them to do that. The teachers have their work cut out, protecting everyone, and all the schools are to be commended for making it all possible. As we entrust all our children to them, we hope and pray that all will have a safe and happy experience.

Mary Mulhall

September 4, 2020 - 11:06pm

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